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Recovery Delivery

£21.9 million


£1.9 million

Championing the Wounded

£1.8 million

Whowe are |

Key figures

| 9

This year we spent £25.6 million delivering

support to our beneficiaries. We also

spent £3.7 million on long term capital

projects to allow us to continue delivering

for years to come.

Our Volunteers, fundraisers and partners

have been fantastic in helping us to raise

vital funds. However like many other

charities, we have found it harder to raise

money over the past 12 months, meaning

that our income has fallen from

£30.8 million to £26.1 million.

The reduction in income, increasing

demand on our services and the need to

invest in generating income means that

for the second year in a rowwe have had

to dip into our reserves, reducing them

by £9.5 million (£5.3 million before


Whilst it has been a challenging year,

the money we have raised has enabled

us to help an increasing number of those

seeking our support. To date, we have

helped 22,285 Service Personnel,

Veterans and their families to lead

secure, healthy and purposeful lives.

This year we have focused on improving

our fundraising efforts, and this approach

will continue as we look to protect the

long-term future of our work in support

of Veterans and their loved ones.



Trading Activities

£2.6 million

Cost of Raising Funds

£8.6 million